How do you convert .MP3 files to .SNR files usable by Spore?

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How do you convert .MP3 files to .SNR files usable by Spore?

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I want to create an Adventure music mod that adds the soundtracks from the game Saurian (An open-world experience with realistic dinosaurs, where you have to survive from hatchling to adult, and survive the harsh environment. Also, it has fluffy real-life raptors, I'd recommend it), but I'm not sure how to convert .MP3 files to .SNR files usable by Spore

I tried downloading FFMPEG, and I even learned how to run it, but I'm not sure if its the right program. I'd like some help

And I've had no luck with EAlayer either, I'm completely clueless, and I have a very rudimentary understanding of how audio files work. Your help would very greatly be appreciated

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