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SPUI Findings

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Figured I'd share some of what I've found while digging around in Spore's files for DI and/or Spore's TCRF page. Here's everything I've confirmed thus far:

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adventureEditorPaletteAudioSlot~	0x053541ED
editorCombatVerbIcon~	0x05722A76
adventureTerraformPaletteTerrainColors~	0x09C89EA4
adventureLoadscreen~	0x1183CE71
editorPaletteItemRolloverVerbEntry~	0x14880158
editorPaintPaletteSubcategory~	0x1A43A8E7
verbtray~	0x1C08E9ED
globaluispace~	0x1E453B88
adventureEditorPaletteVehicleSlot~	0x20C2D857
adventureEditorPaletteEffectSlot~	0x2646AE28
adventureEditorAdvancedBehaviourEntry~	0x2A5EF353
editorComplexityMeterCreativityKiller~	0x2793D3E9
adventureTerraformPaletteWeather~	0x2ABCD1F0
PartDiscovery~	0x2D2EB184
hutHoverButtons~	0x2EFD42B4
adventureEditorMetadata~	0x3109197D
myCollectionsCell~	0x375E8335
adventureEditorFrame~	0x396F69F5
adventureEditorPaletteMediumPlantSlot~	0x3B0AC2C4
plannerBuildingPurchase~	0x4F087663
globaluiadventure~	0x526920C3
editorFrame~	0x5B168EB1
globaluicreature~	0x5ED10964
editorPaintPaletteThemesCategory~	0x6575CDB2
editorSocialVerbIcon~	0x68E93C2B
globaluicivilization~	0x6A6CE68B
captainEditorStatMeters~	0x6DD7DE95
adventureEditorPaletteBuildingSlot~	0x6F8B1DEF
adventureEditorCaptainGoalsInfo~	0x709CBC09
adventureEditorActInfoBar~	0x7250E3A1
editorCurrencyMeter~	0x734D3BA1
adventureEditorPaletteCreatureSlot~	0x74F95D5C
globaluitribe~	0x7A7D0EB8
editorMetadata~	0x80C5E3C3
plannerMetadata~	0x81C67B30
loginProgress~	0x834B03AF
verbtray~	0x83FB543D
adventureEditorPaletteFixedObjectSlot~	0x8679192D
loginEntry~	0x880BE64
adventureEditorEndTextEditor~	0x8DDC5DAC
spaceCaptainInfo~	0x9831B38F
globaluipauseadventure~	0x9DB9E495
editorPalettePageArrows~	0xB0039D21
captainEditorFrame~	0xBB4BC487
adventureEditorPaletteGameplayObjectSlot~	0xBBDA757A
editorAbilityVerbIcon~	0xBED39F24
adventureEditorComplexityMeterCreativityKiller~	0xC01318C2
adventureEditorStartTextEditor~	0xD492676D
adventureTerraformPaletteFlora~	0xD5521361
adventureActGoals~	0xF8D70D51
To install, just append it to the end of your preferred modding tool's "reg_file.txt". You'll have to re-unpack any relevant base game packages in order to see the new aliases applied to the filenames.

Let me know if anyone actually benefits from this post or something idfk

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If you're reading this, you have my permission to build off of my mods as long as I am credited. Please don't mirror my work unaltered, unless I no longer provide a working download.
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