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MulltiWeaps Mod!! MUST SEE!!

Here i will display mods and videos based from Darkspore!
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Just a note.

Unread post by ReptilliRex »

Not so sure about this one... That fine print says it disables the ability to place details on the heads of Darkspore heroes, which may cause some pretty... Eye-less heroes. Also, I suggest you attach a few pictures to your post so I can see what this mod is ACTUALLY doing.

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The Boss
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Re: MulltiWeaps Mod!! MUST SEE!!

Unread post by Davo »

good luck, told him that a while ago...
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Re: MulltiWeaps Mod!! MUST SEE!!

Unread post by Chenjesu »

What is the "force save" for exactly? It sounds like a way to bypass things that don't make it into normal game-play, which is what I had an issue with. None of my darkspore part spore creatures show up in the game play itself.
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Re: MulltiWeaps Mod!! MUST SEE!!

Unread post by CamBen »

Forcesave is an old mod, now included in most, that lets you save creatures or other editor created content without an error. Other creations, like adventures, cities, tribes, and other planner based items with mods do not require force save.
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Re: MulltiWeaps Mod!! MUST SEE!!

Unread post by Omarxxx4544 »


V3 doesn't work. Am I not putting it in the right place?

Here's where I put it

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Darkspore\Data

Any help? :P

Buddy watch out where are you putting it i know Put it in but it works only in GA Spore SO
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