lets see....come play....

Kick rhymes with the community, try to gain immunity, soon you'll see, i think that you're doomed you flea...
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MC Sneeks
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Poster of the New User Apocalypse
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lets see....come play....

Unread postby MC Sneeks » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:06 pm

Ok Djs try and flex remember I’m the best so go buy a mental vest I’ll start with figa hello mister your flows are just a unwanted blister words that make no sense come on make your best defense I’ll kill it with just a glance my words will put you in a trance make you forget your plains tell fro to try harder or Inch will heck him without a rubber where’s your crew o that’s right your down to two tell the truth you don’t know what to do as the Mcs come through circle around you uninvert your stuff leave you dazed in a mist calling fros name trying to reclaim your visions of this but your missing the phrases that could blaze the tips don’t trip it’s ok Dj make some beats absorb defeat from sneeks then go to sleep let go of your decaying flows that will never make it to this cyber show alt control delete your speech cause you never beat the Mcs keep believing you can hold your ground against the trio that will make your ears bleed from the words we speak on your beats inch smalls and sneeks the best so guard your neck spread your sassafrass cheeks while Inch is rubbing your back with from under cheese your words are a waste of time takes you an hour to come up with a line and it don’t even rhyme so stop trying to be an Mc accept it you’ve been beat by the clever Mc sneeks….

DJ Lopsidedfro
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Re: lets see....come play....

Unread postby DJ Lopsidedfro » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:56 pm

heck you

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