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DI Problems

Unread post by TaronDestiny »

First of all, I have researched a the problem before and also took a look at the FAQ.
Maybe I´m just dumb right now and missed out something , but I think this worked before and now after months I open spore again , noticing one thing, it crashes a lot and a second .. some of the parts appear to be just blocks. I can´t tell for sure which ones are, but its all creatures that were made before the mod. For one sort of creature I made for example, only the eyes are now square blocks. Also I have noticed some had an odd change in color. I did not add the dark spore recolor, I kept the usual. its been quite long I modded this and forgot a part of how it was done and also I dont get what the cause of this problem is now.. I think It wasn´t like that right off when I installed the mod.

Edit: I have spore,CC and GA on CD, when I installed the mod it was all fine so far. I saw a creature that my friend made with the mod, months ago, also had blocks as eyes now. also the background is flickering and when viewing the creature in walk mode, can not change the backgrounds. Trying to edit an older creature leads to crash and also other stuff does. The parts that turned into blocks seem to be the CC parts, I am not sure at all,what is causing it,hence it worked all before? when I entered an adventure the creatures would still have blocks instead of the parts, so it wasnt onyl an error in the preview :/ sometimes some things do work,sometimes they crash. I wanted to give it a try just running spore in anothe rcompatibility mode, but it doesn´t even give me that option ,while I can do it with other programmes.

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Re: DI Problems

Unread post by rob55rod »


Would you mind providing non-cropped screenshots of your Core Spore and Galactic Adventures data folders? (Please do not crop out the taskbar, window caption, etc., that stuff is important.)
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