Dark Integration (mod idea's)

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Poster of the New User Apocalypse
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Dark Integration (mod idea's)

Unread postby Koekepeer99 » Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:19 am


Cell stage

Spoiler: show
Darkcells (cells that have celldarkspore parts)
- Darkcells are pretty rare and are not encountered as much and are weaker versions of them - on easy difficulty setting.
- Darkcells are as still not as common as normal cells the ratio Dark: Normal = 4:6 - On medium difficulty.
- DarkCells swarm your cell stage in packs of 4 on Hard difficulty. (like those pesky things from those eggs)
- A new poison cloud named 'Virus' (or something like that)

Robot cell
- Robotic cells that are rare in every difficulty (on hard they are stronger with better parts and such)
- Make it possible to arm you cell with max 1 robot part to ensure the creativity isn't lost and the players Cell stays 'not Overpowered'
- Maybe an animation of a huge grox ship shadow in one of the late stages to make an event of a robot cell being beamed down if you are first playing.

- Some kind of ubercell that appear only once in your newmade game.
- Very powerfull Robot cell is seen once in 3 games, since the grox can't go everywhere.
- Second 'timeline' to what kind of cell you are: dark, balanced, robotic.

Some kind of swarm system (like a nest) that you can care for (maybe a swarm web (to let you see how big the swarm is))
- Your family 'swarm' can only have a max of 7 cells
- You can only have 1 swarm.
- Swarms can die.. (ubercell, big cells at night).
- Other swarms are quite rare; darkcells like to swarm more than normal

Dark area's
- Dark area's are flooded with dark cells and there is a greater chance of robot cells with light there too.
- Dark area's have bigger cells in them.
- When a day/night cycle is added: bigger and more hostile creatures appear in "light area's" at night on medium difficulty.

Cell stage options
- The ability to turn dark, robot and ubercells OFF (in the planet creation menu).
- The ability to turn OFF night/day cycle on medium and hard difficulty
- The ability to play Corespore cell stage (you dont get the what type of cell skill in creature)
- And more things

Cell stage Editor
- Darkcell parts
- Darkcell abilities such as:
+ virus (make cells sick for a set amount of time if they are too long in it)
+ Genetic hairs (bruise your enemies when you rush by them
+ Core of the swarm (go near your own species and 3 new cells will be born) (long cooldown)
+ Mutate (go directly to an edited -less advanced, but with some specials- version of the cell editor) (without going to partner).
+ Static cloud (a purple electrical cloud that stays for 4 sec around you)
+ you get the idea...

- Robot parts such as
+ scanner vision (get a map with all the cells on it as you move) - the map gets updated realtime
and can detect some special cells and warns if a virus cloud is nearby
+ scrap detector (scrap allows you to build 1 aditional robot part slot)
+ arms
+ graspers (pick up flesh or plants and feed it to you swarm)
+ lightbulb (allows you to see in the darkest area's)
+ titan's laser (get from ubercell, self explanatory)
+ Power boost 3000 (supercharge your speed with 3x for 10 sec,- like sprint in creature-)
+ Mating BETA... (allows you to 'mate' with other cells)

Creature Stage
Spoiler: show
Stage itself:- A second *timeline* to measure if you have more darkgenetics or 'balanced genetics'.
- Make it possible to see it directly in the creature creator by coloring the complexity icon.
- If you have darkgenetics you get a small buff that makes you stronger.
- If you have balancedgenetics you get a small socialize buff and a small speed buff.
- Make MMO type icons to say what buff you have
- If you have darkgenetics you get a dark special skill in tribal phase.
- If you have balanced genetics you get a balanced special skill in tribal phase
- Darkspore parts are in dark shards that are seen in Spore HERO.
- Darkspore parts can be shattered after a meteorite storm; the one where creatures abandon what theyre doing and go running.
- You don't get the powerful parts when you just got out the water. (annoyance in the current version of DI)

Creature Editor:- Menu's (or tabs -like creepy and cute's circle-) for Darkspore parts.
- Make the parts balanced, and if possible animate them and add new skills.
- Darkspore parts color correctly and neatly.
- Add the darkspore textures as a new paint tab. Maybe add your custom textures.
- Make it possible to see if your creature has 'dark' or 'balanced' genetics.

Aquatic stage: alternative route or added to journey (not creature stage replacer)

Tribal idea's (no link with darkspore whatsoever)
Spoiler: show
*Tribal stage*:
- Tribal member huts (+3 members per hut; max ~4 huts)
- Shaman hut (1 member can apply slight buffs to members)
- Fix map to have everything on it plz (or make it bigger as you explore)
- Some kind of basic tech tree (better basket;advanced tribe tactics)
- Attack plan?
- bushes where tribe members can hide in
- Assault Bonus
- Better AI
- Allies provide better help (weapon; members - max 3 members can help you in an attack against enemy)
- Ai relationships with eachoter
- Upgradable huts
- More MAIN HUT attachments
- Make it possible for the chief to sleep so he can regenerate his powers faster
- Parenting babies make them grow up faster (1 tribe member goes playing with babies;
teaching them what monsters do) <<-- basically a small field trip to the nearest friendly creature nest
- New ways of befriending tribes
- More instruments
- Possible mounting (if there is no medieval stage following this up)
- Make tribal parties (right click the campfire to get buttons to select the party switch an get prompted to invite ally tribe)

This list is a though one... even for big studio's (atleast i think so). These are idea's and suggestions for a official/unofficial spore expansion.

EVERY individual, buisness, or institution can use my idea's... credit may be apreciated a bit.. :D

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