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Taking creature requests!

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Taking creature requests!

Unread post by Sigur »

Woohoo! Time for a little fun.
I, being the terminally bored imaginative person I am, have decided I'll be taking requests for creatures.
Sometimes, people get an idea and just don't know how to arrange that idea to their liking. Say, you want a dragon or a predator or a terrifying bio-weapon or mutant, but you just aren't sure how you want it built. Well wouldn't it be lovely to leave it to someone else?
Look no further! I'll put together that dragon, predator, or terrifying bio-weapon you've been seeking. I LOVE doing that.

Conditions may apply: Depending on how complex you want your creature or how you want it built, you may need the following:

:ga: :di: :bs: :ccp:

I used to make dragons, but now I make just about everything. Huge thanks to rob55rod and CamBen for their hard work on their part mods, which make my pastime a lot more interesting.
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