Spawn on Planet

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Additionally, be aware that while the Spore ModAPI has empowered mod developers like never before, our ability to add "new" functionality still has its limits, so if there's nothing in Spore that can already do it, we may not be able to either. Nothing is lost in asking, but don't get your hopes up, especially not for anything really big.
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Spawn on Planet

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Do you know the "track planet" option? well, as it is the most perfect way for quickly searching a planet and selecting it, what if it could be used by the "portal" shamans superpower? this way instead of it teleporting you to a homeworld, for what it should be(even though making of other superpowers seem puny if compared)... you would teleport to any planet you want. This is... in case you have visited the planet and its in the sporepedia.

After all... as said already, there is no better way of selecting a planet besides the "track planet", and "portal" already does the teleportation part, now just join both the tools together... not that they merge into one tool, both are still separate, but its rather that one uses the other.
Portal uses "track planet" for the planet it will teleport you to(if you have no planet tracked, you could be teleported to the homeworld as usual), while Track Planet uses nothing really, it just does its work on selecting whatever planets you want it to track.
Just instead of the shaman superpower, it could be a completely new tool, no matter if equal to shaman's superpower... keeping shamans superpower as it is(since perhaps shamans prefer to jump to homeworlds only... their thing)... while this is a too much better version of it, completely different and nothing to do with shamans(whats of an omnipotent being, if you cant teleport wherever you want?!).
The icon for the tool could be the same icon of "track planet", just so that you can identify and correlate both, knowing one is linked to the other, one uses the other. If it had a name would be "Spawn on Planet".

By the way, another mod idea, if this is possible, or just to make this mod easier if it can, what about using the "track planet" tool to select what planet you want to be as your "homeworld"? this way you would also choose what planet you want to be as an homeworld, anytime. If so, then shamans superpower would teleport you to whatever planet you had selected to be your homeworld even. :idea:

Just like a colony tool, would be interesting a tool that as a projectile you place in a planet, and with a "flag" as the model of the tool placed on a planet, it would establish or set that planet to be your homeworld, hence the "flag". Just make the flag tool with the same "track" concept as "Track Planet" plus it turning that planet into your homeworld.
This track planet version, however, will track the planet you use the projectile on, not picking it from the sporepedia as the common "Track Planet" allows you to(less easy selection, as much as some tools are of, you need to travel to a planet and you cant select it or anything unless you travel there), and the same planet you use the projectile on will turn into your new homeworld(would be nice if the "flag" tool also allowed you to place up to 10 colonies like homeworlds do, whatever planet you use the "flag" tool on, will also have ability to colonize up to with 10 colonies).

Or even this same "flag" tool idea for the "Spawn on Planet" tool, the selection is equally not fast since you need to travel to some planet to select it, you would choose what planet to teleport to, but you must first be located in the planet, instead of easily picking it from your sporepedia... it doesnt need a "flag" model or a projectile, once you click on the tool, it just selects the planet you are currently in, as if itself searched and picked it from the sporepedia for you(it seems doing part of the job for you, but thats only what it seems, as it would be doing the easy job for you, while the hard job of travelling to the place you want to select is still done by you). This would sord of be if "Track Planet" and "Spawn on Planet" merged into one tool in the palette. Ive got more variants of ideas... such as if this would have point A-B, youd would teleport to the letter you are nearest to, or you are not located to, or if this had a model and a projectile(model could be a portal-like blackhole similar as thanos from the avengers) or a teleport cabin model, that looks similar to a "time machine", even though a time machine mod aint what it is, but other than freezing time or slowering it down I do have more ideas for a time machine tool... or even a gravity tool... :D

This is a truly handy tool specially for those that do not want to travel time spending long distances every time they need to, as you could literally jump anywhere like a true Matrix jumper, its like instantaneous, say bye to all that stress going here and there and the Grox barrier at the centre! :P

I kept this idea a secret for quite some time because I wanted to do it myself, but afterwards understanding it isnt a basic mod to do, and I do not have knowledge for its development neither in months, I decided its best to lead this idea to you. :ugeek:

If you are considering in doing any of these mods, please tell me because I have more ideas that I did not mention and that could improve and fullfill more the mod as I wanted, including the descriptions for the space tools, requirements for the tool's availabilty to buy(tool's overall context in the game), the effects, whatever concepts, ideas such as the ones I have given above these lines and so on, I wouldnt like it to be made without more from my cooperation :geek:

btw sorry my english, if there is something you dont understand or something, dont hesitate asking me. :)
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