Ominous Death Music - New tracks to haunt you when you die!

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Ominous Death Music - New tracks to haunt you when you die!

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Have you ever had a feeling like you've gotten sick of the two funeral tunes that play every time your captain dies on their mission? Well, worry not! Like with the Neutral Win Animations mod I did last year, here I am with another similar mod, this time replacing the death music!

There are also many other options available, ranging from Final Fantasy game over themes to Core Spore audio tracks or even a "shitposty" version inspired by Dounttron! You also have the option to install the new audio tracks into the adventure editor, but it is completely optional if you wish to keep your Spore "pure of the evil modded content", AKA vanilla. The complete list of versions (and in some instances tracks) is the following:

'Original' Design
My original plan was to only have this mod as a single package file, in a similar vein to the Neutral Win Animations. However, once I finally figured out the exact process to convert custom audio tracks into Spore-compatible with EAlayer3, I thought that it would be pretty easy to do more with this mod as well. This version has all the same tracks as this "prototype" version, meaning it has the following tracks:
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OST - Nightmares
- Final Fantasy XV OST - End of the Road (Game Over)
- Persona 3 OST - The Path is Closed (Game Over)
- Spore Civilization Stage Game Over (Your Last City Was Captured)

Final Fantasy
This version includes the Game Over tracks from various mainline entries of Square Enix's Final Fantasy series, discounting the MMOs FF11 and FF14. The games represented here include all single-player mainline Final Fantasy games, including:
- Final Fantasy
- Final Fantasy II
- Final Fantasy III
- Final Fantasy IV
- Final Fantasy V
- Final Fantasy VI
- Final Fantasy VII
- Final Fantasy VIII
- Final Fantasy IX
- Final Fantasy X
- Final Fantasy XII
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Final Fantasy XV

Core Spore
This mod includes various 'ominous' tracks from the campaign mode of Spore, which I thought would fit in well with GA's death cinematic. Due to 'technical difficulties' and possible conflicts with my planned future mods, they are not included in the 'Adventure Music' component of this mod.

Inspired by Dounttron's comments in GAC Discord server, this replaces the death and fail cinematics' audio with the audio of the videos he posted over there.


This version packs all of the other versions together and mixes them up with the 'vanilla' GA death/fail music, giving you a very wide variety of death music to listen to every time you die.

This mod also has Adventure Music as an optional component, giving you the opportunity to add these tracks into your adventures as well. The only requirement for others to play them is to install this mod as well, even with the Adventure Music option turned off, and turning the death audio setting into Vanilla, which doesn't modify your death music at all. However, to install this mod properly, you will need the Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit's latest version, available here:

- Rob55rod for helping with the Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit and the Custom XML installers that came with them!

- Dounttron for giving this mod a sense of humour! :P

- The people at the Sporepedia2 website. Without their tutorial I wouldn't have figured out what I needed to do in order to stop my modded audio files crashing in Spore, even if there was a language barrier for which I had to use Google Translate to circumvent. Once again, gracias!

- And the people at GAC, for their support on the development of this mod!

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Re: Ominous Death Music - New tracks to haunt you when you die!

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