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No Empire Babysitting

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No Empire Babysitting

Unread post by Cosmo_Tewulf »

This mod aims to alleviate the annoyance of constantly being alerted by other empires about getting plundered by pirates/getting attacked by the Grox/biosphere collapses/etc. by increasing the amount of time it takes for you to get alerted.

To alleviate this even more, I've included four different versions of this mod! The list below shows the names of the different versions and their effects:

Normal - The original version of this mod; increases the time between alerts by x2.
Medium - Increases time between alerts by x4.
High - Increases time between alerts by x8.
Extreme - Increases the time between alerts by x12.
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Re: No Empire Babysitting

Unread post by InsaneXade »

thanks so much. I've been trying and trying to fix that so I can simply explore and teraform for my custom creatures but I keep getting called back with disasters. Modifying yours made it much more enjoyable. Thanks!
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Re: No Empire Babysitting

Unread post by TheLizardMan »

I usually just ignore it, but this works too! :D
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